Wheel Lift Towing Prices and Rates Near Me

Understanding Wheel Lift Towing Costs: Key Considerations Before Towing Your Car

Wheel Lift Towing Cost United States

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

Wheel lift tow trucks employ a heavy-duty metal yoke instead of old school hooks and chains. The yoke attaches to either the front or rear two wheels, lifting the vehicle off the ground gradually and quickly.

Standard wheel lift trucks are straightforward, making them handy for navigating tight spaces like city parking garages or narrow roads. While they pose some risk of suspension damage from added weight strain, they are cost-effective and suitable for lightweight vehicles and confined spaces.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck
  • 2 wheel & 4 wheel drive
  • Low clearance areas
  • Lightweight Cars
  • Small cars
  • Short Distances
  • Narrow Roads
How Wheel Lift Towing Costs are determined
Type of Vehicle: For all-wheel drive vehicles, expect your tow to cost 21-27% more than the average.
Type of Equipment: If the vehicle requires special equipment because it is in a parking garage, a wheel is missing or the keys are lost, expect to pay $50-100 more
Distance traveled: For city towing expect to pay a base hook up fee, plus $4-6 for each additional mile.
Time of Day: During night hours, prepare for additional fees ranging from $5 - $150 more than the average.
  • Type of Vehicle: The vehicle you drive significantly influences the towing expense. Wheel Lift Tow trucks are best for light duty vehicles, sedans, minivans, SUV’s and light trucks. Heavier models like trucks and SUVs often need a flatbed truck due to the strain standard wheel lift tow trucks can impose.
  • Type of Tow: Whether your car has a mechanical issue or involved in an accident, the situation determines the complexity of the tow. Collisions may require road cleanup, non-standard hookups, and case-specific needs, potentially resulting in accrued storage fees if the car is totaled. Conversely, breakdowns or dead batteries usually entail simpler towing transactions.
  • Distance: The distance to be towed impacts the cost, considering the additional fuel required for longer journeys. Moreover, traveling long distances isn't recommended for wheel lift tow trucks. For tows up to 100 miles, using a flatbed may be advisable to safeguard your vehicle's structure.
  • Time of Day: Towing costs can vary based on the time of day due to supply-and-demand dynamics. Tows during regular working hours generally incur lower expenses compared to those required in the middle of the night. Breakdowns occurring during off-peak hours, such as 3 a.m., when fewer tow truck drivers are available, often result in higher overall costs.

Need a wheel lift tow?

Towing Cost Per Mile

The average towing cost per mile is approximately $4.50, spanning from $3.00 at the lower end to as high as $7 per mile at the upper end. These fees are applied according to the distance traveled. Wheel Lift Tow trucks are designed for local towing under 30 miles.

The chart below shows the average cost of a wheel lift tow in a city.

Towing Cost Per Mile

Reasons to Tow Your Car

There are countless situation that may result in your vehicle needing a towing service, but some of the most common reasons include:

  • Overheating
  • Damaged Wheel
  • Oil / Fluid leaks
  • Brake issues
  • Collision damages
  • Key programing

In summary

  • Average Towing Cost: Across the U.S., the average towing fee typically stands at $110, although this amount varies based on several factors.
  • Towing Cost Variables: Your final towing bill depends on factors such as the type of vehicle you drive, the time of day, the distance traveled, and the specific type of tow truck required for the job.
  • Insurance Coverage: The bright side is that Towpal can be your saving grace. If you've enrolled in your carrier's roadside assistance program, towing expenses may be covered under your policy.
  • Collision Tows: In the unfortunate event of a collision, the at-fault driver's liability insurance might cover the costs for your tow.

In addition to cost per mile, other fees that you may be liable for include a fee for using a winch to free your vehicle if you’re stuck in snow, mud or ditch.

Will insurance cover towing?

Full-Coverage auto insurance typically does not cover towing however, there are a few ways you can still get your insurance to cover a tow.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance programs are offered by a variety of sources, from on-demand options like Towpal and third-party organizations like AAA or auto insurance companies. The mission of roadside assistance is to either get you back on the road heading to your destination, or to remove your disabled car from the road as quickly as possible.

Roadside assistance is typically available as an add-on service to your base coverage for a monthly or annual fee.

How much is roadside assistance?

The expense of roadside assistance hinges on your insurance provider and the number of vehicles you wish to include. Insurance-provided services typically span from $14 to $74 annually per vehicle, or $5 to $18 per policy period.

For third-party programs such as AAA, pricing varies based on your location and the desired coverage level. Typically, membership dues range from $5 to $10 monthly, or $60 to $351 annually.

What Roadside Assistance Covers:

While not all roadside assistance programs offer identical services, most cover these fundamental needs:

  • Vehicle lockout
  • Fuel delivery for empty tanks
  • Battery jump start
  • Tire change for flat and ruptured tires
  • Winching services to free a stuck vehicle
  • Towing a disabled vehicle to a repair shop

If your auto insurance plan is liability-only and lacks third-party roadside assistance membership, Towpal is the best option for out-of-pocket expenses for any towing services.

Towpal vs. AAA:

When comparing Towpal to AAA, it's important to note that AAA memberships often extend beyond auto care, offering additional services such as vehicle inspection, Carfax vehicle report discounts, and unrelated perks like shopping discounts and identity theft protection. In contrast, Towpal prioritizes delivering prompt roadside assistance to drivers whenever they encounter emergencies on the road.

Reimbursement via Insurance Claim:

Some insurance companies cover towing costs through reimbursement, requiring you to pay upfront for tow-related expenses and subsequently file a claim for reimbursement. It's essential to note that many companies only reimburse up to $50, a figure significantly lower than the average tow cost of $110.

At-Fault Driver's Insurance Policy:

In the event of an accident where you lack roadside assistance in your coverage, the liability insurance of the at-fault driver may cover both your repairs and associated towing fees.

Insurance can cover your towing fees when you:

  1. Select Roadside Assistance as an add-on coverage to your policy
  2. Submit an insurance claim for reimbursement
  3. Insurance of the at-fault driver (in a collision)

At some juncture, nearly every driver will likely require the services of a tow truck. However, you can prepare yourself for such situations by understanding the anticipated costs.

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